About us

“They defined us as a generation that expects everything without fighting for it, the generation that can't create but can only destroy themselves ”. If Possible Make Love is the project by fashion designer Michele Armenise class 1999 from Italy (Bari, Apulia) that wants to delete this stereotype.
The fashion brand was built to promote the youth as the maximum expression of freedom in every way possible, even with his thoughts, fears or dreams.
One of label's mission is to share globally the vision that there's no ethnicity, sexuality, religion, skin color that don't generates love.
The creative director wants to represent diversity as happiness and believes that this perspective is the engine that moves the world.

The peliculiar attention to materials, prints, embroideries increase the value of products.

IPML wants to give the best quality from tissues to printings infact products are 100% Made In Italy, created with soft colors and attention to the details.